Farm Animals

Firmly established in the farming community over a number of decades, many of farm animal specialists have a farming background within county Antrim and across the country.

With an in depth understanding of our clients’ farming operations we provide an extensive range of medical services to keep your herd) healthy, fertile and performing at its best .


Piglet being injected at Firmount Veterinary Clinic


Sheep on a farm visited by Firmount Veterinary Clinic

Our Comprehensive Farm animal services for beef and dairy cattle, sheep, pigs and others include:

On farm animal examinations

Diagnosis and treatment of sick animals

Routine advice

Surgery ( incl. Caesarian sections, displaced abomasum correction, stitch
   ups, dehorning, castrating, vasectomy, tail and digit amputations,
   tibial neurectomy and many more).


Bovine Pregnancy Diagnosis (manual and ultrasound)

Cow fertility examination and treatment

Bull and ram fertility examinations and certification

Routine weekly herd visits

Herd level disease investigations (mastitis, pneumonia, etc)

Preventative herd health planning and monitoring
   (incl. vaccination programs,strategically timed mineral profiles,
   drying off procedures, etc.)

Farm Specific Animal Health SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures)

TB Testing

Cattle Health Certification Standards Testing (CHeCS)

24 Hour Emergency Service

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Clinic Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday 09.00 – 18.30h
Saturday 09.00 – 15.00h
Routine  Calls:
Monday to Friday 09.00 – 17.00h


Call us today on Tel. 028 9446 3265 to make an appointment for your animal and meet our friendly and professional team here at Firmount Veterinary Clinic, Antrim.